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Services Disclaimer

This disclaimer applies to all information on this site, and to all services, products and courses offered.

In addition, scheduling and/or paying for any service offered through Sacred Forge Healing (Eric Roberts) in any fashion you are attesting that you have read this legal disclaimer and these terms of service.
No service, course, or product offered by Sacred Forge Healing (Eric Roberts) is intended, in any way – explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference – to be a substitute or replacement for licensed medical care. In addition, the information and techniques on this site do not constitute medical advice.
Reiki sessions, spiritual guidance, coaching and healing, and all training should be used with the understanding that Reiki is part of a holistic treatment plan. Reiki is not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany and work along with it. You should always remember to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or practitioner in the case of serious illness. While all suggested information, services and training are offered in good faith, Sacred Forge Healing (Eric Roberts) cannot accept responsibility for any illness arising out of the failure by the visitor, client or student to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or medical practitioner, for them, their animal companions, or their family.
The services, products and courses offered here are meant to be used as tools, guides and support in the process of self-healing.

Sacred Forge Healing (Eric Roberts) promises to use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the clients to the service are given positive guidance, however if the client is requesting information relating to:

  • Legal matters : It is recommend that clients seek advice from a solicitor/ lawyer

  • Medical questions : the client must seek medical advice from a professional

  • Business questions : the client must seek further advice from a financial adviser

  • Mental disorders : the client must Clarify their condition by taking Professional advice from a health professional.


All intuitive readings and consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, or professional advice.

By engaging in a reading with Sacred Forge Healing (Eric Roberts), you understand that intuitive experts do not diagnose illnesses, including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death.


Further, you attest that you understand and willingly enter into, agree with and accept the following:
1. You are 18 years of age or older.
2. 100% accuracy is not guaranteed.
3. Any information, communication and/or consultations with
Sacred Forge Healing (Eric Roberts) are for educational, spiritual and entertainment purposes only.
4. No intuitive reading given by
Sacred Forge Healing (Eric Roberts) is intended to, nor should it ever take the place of professional services including but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological.
Sacred Forge Healing (Eric Roberts)) accept no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions any client chooses to take or make based on his/her consultation with Sacred Forge Healing (Eric Roberts).
6. You agree to absolutely indemnify and hold harmless
Sacred Forge Healing (Eric Roberts), their heirs, relatives, agents or assignees in perpetuity and throughout all known and unknown universes.
7. Social Media: You may share my content on appropriate social media outlets (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr etc) as long as appropriate attribution is given. For permission to share my content on other venues please contact
Sacred Forge Healing (Eric Roberts).
8. Payment Policies: Services, products and courses are paid for in advance.

Any service cancelled due to a non-emergency and with less than 24 hour notice given is subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

9. All services, products and courses offered by Sacred Forge Healing (Eric Roberts) are for entertainment purposes only.
10. By choosing to undertake a service, product or course, you agree that you fully understand and of your own free will, choose to enter into this legal and binding disclaimer and terms of service agreement.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
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