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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a holistic healing modality that combines elements of hypnotherapy and past-life regression to promote profound self-discovery and healing. Developed by Dolores Cannon, a renowned hypnotherapist, QHHT aims to access the depths of the subconscious mind, allowing individuals to explore past lives, connect with their higher selves, and gain insights into unresolved emotional and physical issues. This process often leads to deep healing, personal transformation, and a renewed sense of empowerment. QHHT is a unique and spiritual approach that encourages individuals to take an active role in their own well-being, making it a popular choice for those seeking alternative avenues for personal growth and healing.

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Who may Benefit from QHHT

You may benefit from QHHT if you seek to understand:

  • Your life’s purpose

  • Why you’re in the relationships that you’re in

  • Why you experience repeating patterns or similar relationships

  • Your past lives and how they may affect this life

  • Karmic connections with people in your life

  • The direction to take in your life and decision-making processes

  • The afterlife and how the Universe works

Additionally, this method is for anyone who seeks healing for:

  • Physical and/or emotional issues

  • Chronic or repeating medical conditions

  • Body symptoms or illnesses related to trauma

  • Medical conditions requiring surgery

A QHHT session is not advised for the following client types (in these cases a surrogacy QHHT session is recommended):

  • Anyone 16 years of age or younger.

  • Anyone who is too unwell to actively participate in a 5-6 hour session.

  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia or severe Bipolar Disorder (including mania/psychosis).

  • In these cases a surrogacy QHHT session can be performed on a close family member on the other family member’s behalf. Please contact Eric via the links below for more information on surrogacy QHHT sessions.

What to Expect and How to Prepare for Your Session


  • Sessions are available for QHHT on Friday and Saturday. Additional days may be available upon request.

  • Appointments normally start at 9am (unless other times are required due to child care or travel.

  • Sessions last 4-6 hours typically, but will conclude whenever the session is over as no time limit is placed on the session. It is a day dedicated only to you and it takes as long as it takes to give you the information and healing you need.

  • Please make sure you have a light breakfast before you come.

  • Please do not consume alcohol on the day of the session or the day prior and limit the amount of caffeine and other stimulants.

  • Please do not book any other appointments or sessions later that day as the session may go longer than 5+ hour estimate.

  • Eric is located in Rock Hill at Wyld Magick Center for Holist Healing at (2210 India Hook Road #105 Rock Hill, SC 29732)

  • During the session, we talk about your life, your issues and discuss the questions you are seeking answers to. Then, via QHHT, we explore your past lives and contact your higher consciousness to obtain information about your life purpose and the issues you are having now and ask for healing to be performed if appropriate. After the hypnosis part of the session, we discuss what information and healing were received.

  • The hypnosis part of the session will be fully recorded and a copy of the session will be provided to you via text, email, or google drive.

  • Due to the repeated healing you receive by listening to your recording, you only need one QHHT session to address the issues you are having now (unlike other forms of hypnotherapy that operate at the lighter levels of trance and require multiple sessions.

  • Of course, if you have new issues that arise in the future or you are curious to know more, you may want to book a future session.

Important things to bring with you:

  • A list of questions about your life you want answers to, for example:

    • What is my life purpose?

    • Why am I in my current relationship?

    • Why did [a certain event] happen?

    • Why do I experience the same repeating patterns?

    • Why do I feel a certain way in certain locations or situations?

    • I’m at a crossroads, what should I do?

    • What decision should I make about a certain situation?

    • Why do I have a particular medical condition or chronic illness?

  • A list of medical issues that you would like healing for or want to know the origins of and be able to explain the symptoms of the issue and when the issue started.

Advice prior to session (Important)

This is the lovely Suzanne Spooner who is one of our QHHT Moderators. In this video she goes over how the experience of QHHT has changed for people. I highly suggest that anyone who is curious or is planning to have a QHHT session watch this video.


During QHHT sessions, Eric is compassionate and a wonderful listener. He is supportive throughout the entire session. He gives insightful and helpful advice during his card readings, too! He has so much to offer. He is always encouraging and bringing things back to center when things feel off-kilter. Eric is undoubtedly in touch with the Angelic realm and brings that loving, healing, powerful energy into his work at Sacred Forge Healing.

Kristina C.

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